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Recovered coronavirus patient on donating blood plasma to treat others: ‘Like a needle in a haystack’ – FOX News

California native Jason Garcia, a recovered coronavirus patient, joined “Your World” Thursday to discuss his recovery and his decision to donate his blood plasma in the hope of helping others.

“I’m feeling great,” Garcia said when asked about his current health status. “And I’m happy that this turned out to be a positive outcome, that I’m doing well now.”

THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK, STATE-BY-STATE Garcia told host Neil Cavuto that St. Joseph Hospital Orange in Orange County reached out to him about a possible donation after his recovery and he was happy to help. “Word got out and that’s when St. Joseph’s Hospital reached out to me. They’re in urgent need [and] looking for someone that was 14-day symptom-free, [and] that tested positive for COVID-19 to help … a critically ill patient, “Garcia said. “And that’s kind of how this whole donation thing came about, was the hospital reaching out to me.


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